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  牛津高中英语模块一复习(Units 1-3)

  一、 单词拼写(每小题1分,共10分)

  1.He has been teaching for ten years, so he is very e______________ in teaching.

  2. The film hasn’t been d_____________(冲洗) yet. Would you please come tomorrow to get the pictures?

  3. We have a good plan for the weekend, but we don’t know whether the teacher will agree to it or not. We are trying to get his a____________ .

  4.It is r______________(要求) that everybody should be there on time.

  5.A _____________ (教授)from Nanjing University will give us a talk on how to learn English well.

  6.He promised to keep me i_______________ of what happened.

  7. He is not a good doctor because he is short of e.

  8. About 300 students from our school athe lecture given by the famous professor.

  9. She is gaining weight because she likes eating dtoo much.

  10. Hanson is going to study lin a university because he wants to be a writer in the future.

  11. His grandfather was a kind man rby all the neighbors, men and women, old and young.

  12. Among all the subjects, Jack likes mathematics best, which, I think, is the most c_____________ one.

  13. It is said that the mboy has not been found yet.

  14. Our school science laboratory is equipped with the latest laboratory e.

  15. The boy felt _____________(窘迫) in front of such a big crowd.

  16. I can’t _____________(集中精神) with all that noise going on.

  17.Mona Lisa’s m_____________ smile attracts so many people in the world.

  18. The first thing you do when meeting someone is to greet the person and make a self癫疯病会遗传给孩子吗  i_____________.

  19.All the children listened to his thrilling a___________ in Africa with eager attention.

  20.These chairs may look good, but they’re u_____________ to sit on.

  21._______________(令人惊讶地), Mrs.Hall did not know her guest’s name.

  22. An anonymous businesswoman ___________(捐献) one million dollars to the charity.

  23.There were at least three_______________(代) ---grandparents, parents and children at the wedding

  24. You weren’t ______(应该,应当)to come home until tomorrow.

  25. Will you be __________(惩罚) by your parents if you can’t get well-prepared for the coming English test.

  26. The car accident was not the driver’s f_________ as there was a man suddenly running across the road.

  27. This kind of film is suitable( 适合的) for both children and a_________.

  28. Please take the g ________ or rubbish with you when leaving the theatre.

  29. The first s_________ in the second act contains a very long speech.

  30. The policeman followed the person whose_________ ( 行为 )

  was so strange for a while and then caught him.

  308. "T_________" usually refer to the boys and girls between 13 and 19.

  31. I had better say a few words by way of __________( 解释 )

  32. I think that you should accept the plan without __________(争辩).

  33. Children are ___________ ( 禁止 ) to smoke.

  34. The tsunami ( 海啸 )_________(毁坏)many trees and buildings

  so that the local people lost their homes.

  35. He wastes so much of his valuable time__________(聊天)on line.

  36. The village where they live is very_______(令人厌倦的,乏味的).

  37. I want to do things t天津哪里治癫痫hat__________ me(感兴趣).

  38. He also told us that the best way to earn respect is to d_________ ourselves to study and achieve high frades.

  39. I look back on my time in the UK with ____________(满意), and I really hope to go back and study in Manchester again.

  40. I have a good friend, who is very thin, yet he wants to be a great _____________(运动员).

  IV 翻译(每空0.5分,共15分)

  1.在我拜读你的文章之前,我还不知道英国的学校与中国的学校是如此不同呢。(not until, be different from)

  2.虽然那位司机在事故中受伤严重,但他仍然能打电话。(although; be badly hurt)

  3. 他们给我们的不仅是帮助;他们给了我们度过困难时期的自信。(more than; live through)

  4. 我真的很喜欢读书。正因为如此,我最喜欢的科目是。(be fond of; that’s why )

  5. 回顾我的学生时代, 我觉得那些是我最快乐的日子之一。(look back on; among)

  6. 无论我遇到什么困难,你总是给予我鼓励和支持。(whatever/no matter what; meet with)

  7. 我很遗憾地说, 你的建议一点儿都不令人满意。(regret; far from)

  8. 我不清他们当时所争论的人和事了。(定语从句)

  9. 会议应该在星期二召开,但是我们不得不推迟。(be supposed to; put off)

  10. 我迫不及待想看那本,据说非常有趣。(can’t wait to; be said )

  11. 我右眼有点不舒服,所以我要去医院检查一下。( have sth. done )

  12. 那就是我所知道的全部情况,我再也告诉不了你什么了。(not any more)

  13. 与这些生理变化同时发生的,还有很多心理上的变化。(along with )

  14. 别浪费你的时间试着劝他学习了,他从来不听的。(waste time doing )

  15. 你真是愚蠢,竟然相信那个陌生人的'话。(it is/was+adj.+of sb. to do sth.)

  16. 这项工作比预料的要难。(turn out)

  17. 这就是你向老师解释的你听讲座迟到的理由吗?(定语从句)

  18. 我们因为笑话而笑,但很少思考过他们是如何使人发笑的。(seldom,倒装,work)

  19. Black先生很高兴,因为他的工厂生产的服装从未这么受欢迎。(过去分词作定语)

  20. 据发现,吸烟对吸烟者和附近的人的健康有不良影响。( have an effect on )

  21. 他们都在努力用功准备即将到来的期末考试。(prepare sb. for)

  22. 我想如果孩子们被迫练钢琴,他们会对它失去兴趣。(make sb. do sth)

  23. 骑自行车走路都算,学校的运动也算。(so…)

  24. 当她躺在医院的时候,她后悔没有听从母亲的劝告。(regr女性癫痫影响生育吗?et doing)

  25. 和她多谈几次你就会发现她不像你原来认为的那么坏。(not as …as )

  26 他们都认为我是第一次来到这个城市。 实际上, 我曾在这里生活过两年。(as a matter of fact)

  27.尽管他家人不让他这么做,但他坚持要去非洲研究野生动物。(insist on)

  28. 他们的球队是这个国家最棒的,当然应该打赢这场比赛。 (deserve to )

  KEY:1. experienced2. developed3.approval4. required.5.professor6. informed7. experience8. attend9. desserts10. literature11. respected

  12. challenging13.missing14. equipment15.embarrassed16concentrate17.mysterious18. introduction19.adventure(s)20.uncomfortable21.Surprisingly22. donated23. generations24. supposed,25. punished;26. fault;27. adults;28. garbage;29. scene;;30. behaviour;31. explanation;32. argument;33. forbidden34.destroyed,35. chatting ;36. boring.37. Interest.38. devote39 satisgaction40. athlete

  1. I didn’t realize schools in the UK are so different from schools in China until I read your article.

  2. Although badly hur in the accident, the driver was still able to make a phone call.

  3. What they gave is more than help; they gave us the confidence to live through hard times.

  4. I am really fond of reading books, and that’s why my favourite sybject is literature.

  5. Looking back my school days, I feel they were among the happiest in my life.

  6. No matter what difficulties I meet with, you always give me encouragement and support.

  7. I regret to say that your suggestions is far from satisfying.

  8. I can’t remember the people and things that they argued about at that monent.

  9. The meeting was supposed to take place on Tuesday, but we had to put it off.

  10. I can’t wait to read that novel. It is said to be interesting.

  11. There is something wrong with my rig睡觉经常抽搐怎么回事ht eye, so I’ll go to the hospital to have it examined.

  12. That’s all I know. I can’t tell you any more.

  13. Along with these physical changes, there come many psy chological changes.

  14. Don’t waste time trying to persuade him to study; he never listens.

  15. It was foolish of you to believe what the stranger had said.

  16. The job turned out to be harder than expected.

  17. Is this the reason you explained to the teacher why/ for which you were late for the lecture?

  18. We laugh at jokes, but seldom do we think about how they work.

  19. Mr. Black is happy because the clothes made in his factory have never been so popular.

  20. Smoking has been found to have a bad effect on the health of the smoker and the people nearby.

  21. They are working hard preparing themselves for the coming final examination.

  22. I think that if children are made to practise the piano, they will lose interest in it.

  23. Walking and riding your bike count, and so do school sports.

  24. When she was lying in hospital, she regretted not following her mother’s advice.

  25. Talk to her more, and you will find that she isn’t as bad as you thought she was.

  26. They all thought that it was my first visit to the city. As a matter of fact, I had lived here for two years.

  27. She insisted on going to Afric to study wild animals there, although her family asked her not to.

  28. They are the best team in the country. They certainly deserve to win the match.













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